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Free Psychic Reading Scams Busted!

Free Psychic Reading Scams are not part of our network. When we see some old commercials that say “the call is free” we have to laugh! Of course the call is free! The caller would be dialing a toll free number! HELLO!!!

Those tactics are used to confuse callers to believe that the cost of speaking to a psychic reader will be free.

The company that was busted was PRN / New Lauderdale based out of Florida. They were shut down by the governmental agencies. The former owner, Steve Feder, had many lawsuits. Cleo, the actress/spokesperson Yurri Harris passed away in 2016 of cancer. She too was dragged into the lawsuits. It was a mess. In fact, I watched a documentary on the closing of this company on Youtube and part of her plea deal was that she could not leave the state of Florida.

See back in that era, many calls were billed to the telephone via a 1-900 number. Well, the 1-900 in the USA died down. Then again, most people use cell phones which cannot access a 1-900 number. So back then these tactics gave client callers a choice for dialing a toll free number or a 1-900 number.

On our network we never offered any such promotions. We have hosted Free Psychic CHAT reading night when we were also offering chat readings. It was before we launched our telephone division. Surely that was a different vibe as people would be in a chat room and randomly selected.

There are many things that need to be put into prospective. Most Psychic Networks that offer “freebies” are for the sole intention of having callers sample out the goods before making a true commitment for a full reading. Yet PRN had its moment in time. In the next article we will discuss a few tactics that came from such horrific practices.

However rest assured that on Absolutely Psychic, we take our jobs seriously and do not have gimmicks.

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