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Part 2- Free Psychic Readings Scams Busted!

Free Psychic Readings: In the previous article we discussed some of the tactics of PRN. In this article we want to share with you a few other tactics that have been revealed in the news/media.

Bookstores: This practice PRN used was hiring “managers” a/k/a psychic managers / book store managers etc.. They were in charge of recruiting. It was basically like a pyramid scheme that had managers under managers under managers. What a disaster. The psychics were pretty much treated like farm animals. The turnover was high.

Call Average: This practice was basically the “hold time” length of call a reader would have to maintain in order to stay contracted. In fact, their psychic ability was never prioritized as the most important element. Instead, the way to get hired on PRN was by determining how long the “psychic” could give a reading for. If the “psychic” was on the phone for over 15 minutes that was considered a hire worthy applicant.

“Tarot Made Easy” by Nancy Garen. Oh boy this was a mess! It is believed that this was the sole book that PRN “operators” were told to buy and read from it when it came to giving a reading over the telephone. Word is that news got back to Garen who in turn took legal action against PRN.

However it only gets worse. See it was also placed in the New York Post that Feder/PRN and/or a book store hired HOMELESS people to take calls by playing the role of a psychic on the telephone.

The above tactics are not only shady but demoralizing to humanity. Here on the Absolutely Psychic Network, we saw PRN come and go. It was clear that one day they would be busted. Rest assured on Absolutely Psychic you control how much time you want with your psychic. The psychics on our network have been screened prior to hire. We turn down 98 out of 100 psychic applicants per month.